Clemens Riefler, math. Instruments from 1841-1876
in Maria Rain and until 1996 in Nesselwang.

Our company has until 1996, for 155 years, the world famous compass, drawing instruments and drawing machines, especially the circular compass system and the precision pendulum clocks in Nesselwang in the Allgaeu produced according to the patents from my greatuncle dr. phil. h.c. Sigmund Riefler, son of Clemens Riefler.
In my two books is the fascinating engineering of my highly studied great - uncle and
described the long successful history of the company.

Clemens Riefler, the founder of the company in 1841, has come up with the invention of the compass head handle,
which is still relevant today.
This was the first foundation for the great importance of the company.
All products were manufactured in Nesselwang by selftrained precision mechanics - skilled workers,
also the famous precision pendulum clocks in the lab of my great uncle at Lenbachplatz 1
were developed in Munich. The movements are without inhibition for the first weight-lifting watches
possibly from Glashuette and these were equipped with the patented Sigmund Riefler double-wheel escapement
(Echappement) added in our company and with the also patented mercury and later
Invar nickel steel compensation pendulum combined as Riefler precision pendulum clocks.
The estimated surface treatment of all drawing instruments and movements with lacquer, nickel plating, chrome plating and gilding was also done in Nesselwang.

Already at the turn of the century, the company had more than 100 best selftrained skilled workers and a large one Machinery that successively from 1904 from hydro to electric propulsion, (the company has at that time
the own power supply also for the market Nesselwang provided), was changed over.

All Riefler watches and pendulums, as well as the mercury - u. Nickel steel compensation pendulum have been
because of the unique quality execution (for example the precision thread cutting in hard and tough steel)
produced exclusively in Nesselwang and sold from there to the whole world, altogether approx.
635 precision pendulum clocks, approx. 230 mercury and approx. 3800 Invar compensation pendulum.

Sigmund Riefler has mathematical calculations, the basis of the uniqueness of all Riefler pendulum
created. By commissioned determination of the exact coefficient of expansion of the respective
Pendulum rods and the calculation of the compensation means he has the extension of the pendulum by
Temperature influences against 0 reached. The machined pendulum rods are then still elaborately tempered
so that all tensions have been eliminated. This pendulum manufacturing effort was alongside the unique
Clockwork the basis that the Riefler watches were the most accurate of the time.
In 1902 Sigmund Riefler wrote for his great new movement with electric lift (patent),
see cover picture of my two books, which can further improve gear uncertainty, so that the clocks
in the tank were the most accurate clocks in the world until 1936, the beginning of electronic watches.

The gang Uncertainty of a Riefler fuel gauge was ± 0.005 - 0.008 s / d.
The law of time 1893 authorized all states in the world to fix the exact time as time norms alone
and at that time, the Sigmund Riefler watches appeared at the right time and many major observatories
and scientific institutes around the globe have purchased these unique rifle clocks.
From 1920, the Hamburg Seewarte, this was responsible for the radio time stamp service (long wave 3900 m), with two Riefler tank watches sent by the radio station Nauen from two time signs at 1 o'clock and 13 o'clock
and these were with a simple ferrite antenna all over the globe for ships, watchmakers and population too
receive. For all ships, the exact Riefler time was extremely important, e.g. to determine the right degree of longitude.

As early as 1895, my great-uncle had a time transmission over his telephone in the laboratory for watchmakers and others Interested in the time. This time signal came from a second-hand fuel gauge and was turned on
Transfer the knock relay to the telephone receiver or a caller's strip chronograph. Accurate to approx. ± 0.1 s / d the signal could be intercepted or recorded.

Sigmund Riefler was on his 100th year of death in 2012 after a vote by American watch clubs
been chosen as the "Most Important Watchmaker of All Time".
Should new findings arise about the Riefler precision pendulum clocks,
then I will expand my homepage to that effect.